Getting Started

Mortr is an intuitive platform that requires no training or assistance to use. However this guide will help you navigate the platform and make the most of your experience.

You can access your Mortr account the following ways:

Note: Web users will only receive notifications if the browser is open.

After creating a ‘property manager’ account, you’ll need to register all the properties you manage and the tenants in these properties by their email addresses. You’ll also need to invite your preferred tradespeople to connect on Mortr so you can request quotes or fast track repair requests to them. Registering properties you manage means that tenants can report issues to their postal address and you’ll be able to handle them efficiently and ensure quick resolution.

Registering and managing properties

To register a property, select the house icon in the navigation, and click ‘Register property’ button on the property tab. Enter the postcode and select the property you manage.

You can remove a property at any time by clicking the properties icon, selecting the property you are currently managing and deactivating reporting with the on/off switch.

Note: De-registering a property will delete associated tenancies and previously reported issues and quotes.

Onboarding Tenants

On the property registration confirmation screen previously mentioned, you can invite a tenant by adding their email address, this will automatically trigger a single email to your tenant asking them to join Mortr and connect, you’ll receive a notification when they accept your invitation.

Connecting with your tradespeople

Connecting with your tradespeople is essential so when issues arise you can request quotes or fast track property maintenance issues to ensure fast fixes. Connect with tradespeople by selecting the spanner icon, then select ‘Add contact’ enter the contact name, company name and email address to send an email invite to this user, when they connect you’ll receive a push notification to confirm the connection.

Enabling Issue reporting via your website

If you have your own website and want to allow your tenants to report issues through the your site, you can install the ‘Issue reporting button’ anywhere you wish.

Visit and select the code in the panel, this code will need to be copied and pasted into your website code by yourself or a developer. For technical assistance and support contact

Payments & Subscription

Payments are automatically made on a monthly cycle from the first date you subscribe and enter payment information. You only pay for the number of properties that are registered throughout each month. If a property is de-registered, you will be charged for the remainder of the month within your cycle and your subscription fee will be automatically reconfigured.

To activate your subscription, visit the profile icon and select ‘Activate your subscription’ you will be prompted for debit or credit card details that will be stored securely.

You will receive an invoice to the registered email address each month including tax and monthly usage information.

To cancel your subscription at any time, visit the subscription tab and request subscription cancelation. You will receive a final invoice based on your monthly cycle and no further payments will be withdrawn. Note: cancelling your subscription will de-register any associated properties registered, these properties will be available to other users with instant effect.

Handling Property Maintenance Issues

When issues arise at properties you manage, Mortr helps you efficiently isolate problems and communicate effortlessly with your tenants and tradespeople.

Maintenance issues reported at addresses you manage will appear in your inbox and you will receive a push notification on your device. You can view the issue photos, description, location and priority by opening from the inbox.

You can message your tenant to request more photos or clarify details by selecting ‘add comment’ to the bottom left of the issue. If the issue is resolved you can archive it by selecting ‘mark as resolved on the bottom right as below. Archived issues will remain in your inbox in the collapsed menu at the bottom of your screen, you can access and open archived issues at any time that the property is still registered.

Requesting quotes

If a maintenance issue requires a visit or a repair from your contractor or tradesperson you can request a quote or multiple quotes simultaneously via Mortr. Open the issue and select the spanner icon or the quote tab to request an estimate(s). You can send the issue to your preferred tradespeople for estimates by selecting contacts and confirming a quote request. Selected tradespeople will be notified by email and push notification if they have the Mortr app installed.

Note: You can request instant quotes only from tradespeople who have already connected via Mortr.

When tradespeople submit quotes for repairs or callouts you will receive both an email and a push notification. When you accept a quotation a repair appointment will be scheduled and unsuccessful tradespeople will be notified instantly.

Fast tracking issues

When maintenance issues arise that do not require quotes or need emergency attention, you can send a single tradesperson the full issue details including complete location information so they can respond instantly. To fast track an issue, select the spanner icon or visit the quote tab and select the fast track option as pictured.

Note: You can only fast track issues to a single tradesperson.

Managing your profile

Update and maintain your profile so your tenants and tradespeople can clearly identify you within the Mortr platform. Select the profile icon in the navigation and select the pencil icon to the top right of your profile. You can add a profile image, input your agency name, location and website (optional) at any time.

Resetting your password

To reset your password visit the profile icon and scroll down to ‘Reset Password’ in the menu. Resetting your password will log you out of the Mortr application and generate a reset password email that will be sent to the email address associated with your account

If you forget your password at any time, simply reset it by opening the Mortr app, click login and then select ‘Forgot password’ at the bottom of the screen. You’ll need to enter the email address associated with your account to trigger an email enabling you to create a new password.

Closing your account

To close your Mortr account or trial select the profile icon and then the ‘Delete account’ tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Deleting your account will cancel payment subscription and delete all addresses registered or associated with your account. Open issues from tenants will be automatically cancelled and tenants will be notified of account closure. Any outstanding balance will be collected from the card associated with your account upon account deletion.